Enchanted Defenders kill Hellions to keep the world safe. They have magical powers. They usually come from magical schools but do not study magic/alchemy/mythology. They will usually study "Liberator Training" to become one. They have a main weapon and special ability, like guns and healing. They may have other special tactics too, like binding attacks. To become a full trained Enchanted Defender, or Liberator for technical terms, they must be able to do certain things with their tactics. Most Enchanted Defenders are strong.

Enchanted Defenders usually work by themselves. Some will fight for the sake of people, some will fight for themselves. Enchanted Defenders can grab magical energy once killing a Hellion, this makes them stronger. A lot of Enchanted Defenders will kill Gleaners too to get their magical energy, although they must kill the right one unless it's a human. They cannot drain human gleaners from their magical energy so it is useless to kill them.

They can still be effected by the Hellion curse though and the more energy to collected the stronger Hellion they'll become. Enchanted Defenders cannot stop their duty or they'll become a Hellion for sure, this is unknown why but if you become a Liberator you are doomed to kill Hellions if you want to keep your humanity.